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Friday, 27 August 2010

GapBreak Testimonials - What did these young travellers think of their three month abroad?

Jess - Tanzania GapBreak Three Months -
"I was the first Australian to leave today and it was so sad saying goodbye. Yesterdays travelling from Zanzibar was a very long day was we were told we had to leave at 5 am but didnt leave till 7.30 - taking Tanzania time to a whole new level! It is crazy to think that we have only known each other for three months and have made such an amazing bond. Everyone is really proud of the work we have achieved as a group."

Lexi - Kenya GapBreak Three Months -

"It's our last day in Kenya, it's so strange! Three months went by so quick; I don't want to leave yet but im excited to keep travelling. More than anything I'll miss Muhaka i think, my favourite village, where we built an entire mud hut for one of the mama's in the village. The weekends were amazing as well, the beach is so beautiful here and 40's is so good on a Saturday night! Everyone has been so friendly here, I've felt welcomed in every village I've been to. The camp staff, especially the camp managers, have been so helpful and accommodating as well. It will be strange going home and not waving to every kid we drive past, that's a big difference I've noticed between here and home, in Africa everyone wants to stop and chat. It will be sad saying goodbye to all my friends from camp, and weird not living with them as I keep travelling. It's been such a great experience; I'm so glad i took the year off studying to see a bit of the world, i definitely recommend it."