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Thursday, 19 May 2011

What an Indian Wedding! Bec debriefs on her first week in India

Indian Wedding!

George and I have been in India for just over a week now! What an
adventure it has been! We thought it was about time that we update you
on incredible India and what we have been doing.

After a long day of traveling from Sydney to Udaipur, India, running
through Singapore airport trying to make our plane on time, travel
sickness and the joys of customs we finally made it delhi! Delhi
airport was an experience in itself. Everyone stared! Customs men
walked around with massive guns and the heat finally hit us. After
arriving in Udaipur we were met at the airport by one of our in
country agents, ravi and taken to the volunteer house in Bedla.

On our first day we met the two other volunteers that were already in
the house Amy and Jo, Amy is Australian and Jo is from the UK. They
are both lovely. Over the first few days we had orientation, which was
going through everything we would be doing and just settling in to
life in India! Which is REALLY REALLY HOT!!! We experienced the crazy
driving of the Indians, they beep at EVERYTHING! Beep, beep, beep! The
rickshaws (taxis) in India are also an experience in themselves. They
are made for 6 people but you can have as many as 20 people crammed on
them! We took one into the city for our city tour, and after a while
it becomes part of everyday life.

Bec & George
After our three days of orientation, we started our teaching. George
and I have been placed at the day care centre in bedla which is a 3
minute walk from the house. We love it! The kids are some of the
cutest kids we have ever seen! They are so little and very happy!
Sometimes it is a struggle as they try to talk Hindi to us but we
can’t understand them. They call me Dee Dee and George Sir. We have
been teaching them numbers, alphabet and animals so far. We also teach
them how to wash their hands properly.

As well as teaching all the volunteers work with the boys at the
orphanage. The boys there are great, they are welcoming and all
excited to see us. We do craft and games with them. The other day we
made snakes with them and they loved it!

The other day we all got invited to go to an Indian wedding!!! Which
was soooo exciting! I brought a saree to wear and we all dressed up
nice. It was so amazing, so colourfull and a beautiful experience. It
is an experience that is sooo hard to describe. They are so many
colours, ceremonies and food!!! It was a once in a lifetime

To sum it all up our first week was up and down.. but mostly up. We
are more settled now and excited for what the next 11 weeks have in
store for us!

Until the next time


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Indian wedding adventure

We know you all anxiously wait for our latest updates and read our posts to the very end, but life’s short and so we shall start with the best part first: our Indian wedding adventure. The weekend began with the traditional Indian guessing game of “if the car is supposedly coming to pick us up at noon, what time will it actually get here?” Eventually, eight of us crammed into a jeep and headed off for the home of `our FEGG colleague Avedesh to experience our first traditional Indian wedding ceremony.
A six-hour road trip with our beloved colleagues ensued, with much backseat dancing to Akon and Hindi pop songs as the first signs, that behind the professional facade that we see in the office, these men had inner rhythmic demons just dying to materialise started to emerge. Once again, we were highly entertained by the shoddy standard of Rajasthan’s road infrastructure, which resulted in major bruising and likely some undiagnosed internal injuries as Ingrid and Anna were tossed around like rag dolls in the rear seats.
Upon arrival at Avedesh’s family residence, we witnessed the ceremonial bathing and dressing of the groom in his marriage robe, dagger and turban, before being treated to a scrumptious dinner. And then the party started: we were invited to join the wedding party in the pre-wedding day parade around town to announce to the town that Avedesh is going to get married. The handsome groom rode on horseback whilst accompanied by deafening live music, boys carrying bright lanterns and a procession of dancing family members and friends on a 1 km walk. This lasts some two hours as the entire procession, complete with a truck toting the electric generator to power all the lights and speakers, pauses every 3 metres so that dancing can take place.
Once back at the house, Anna and Ingrid were treated to another rare experience – an invite to the buck’s night, Indian-style. If this sounds potentially thrilling, there really is no need to be overly excited. The girls were allowed to stay in the room with the rest of the FEGG crew and the groom on his last night as a single lad, and after some raucous, we promptly all fell asleep from an exhausting day.
Wedding day quickly turned into ‘dress-up and pose for photos’ day as the girls got into their saris and Matt into a kurta, doti and a special Rajputi turban. Getting fully Indianfied went a long way in pleasing (and amusing) the locals and we were pretty satisfied with the end result ourselves. So satisfied in fact, that all three of us were itching to get hitched that day ourselves and spent the better part of the day sussing out potential suitors.
The official wedding parade did not begin until late in the day and the FEGG staffers took the opportunity to surprise Anna with a birthday cake, which she tackled with her typical cake-fiend fervour, starting a somewhat subdued cake fight (so as to not waste too much cake!) in the process.
Knowing that another two-hour procession of dancing was to come, we planned our evening carefully by throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the dancing first and boogied to our hearts’ content. We then abandoned the procession for another delish meal (endless gulab jamon – need we say more?) in wait for the groom to reappear once again as he travelled around town at 0.5km/hr.

Around 9pm, we were finally treated to a glimpse of the bride for the wreath ceremony and too many flashing cameras to keep up with. A final session on the dance floor to reinvigorate us for a 6-hour bumping ride home and we were on the road again.
A special thank you to Avedesh for inviting us to his home and his wedding, and to Vikram, Manohar, Navneet, Suresh, and Nayraj for making the weekend endlessly enjoyable.
Congratulations, Avedesh!
Anna, Ingrid and Matt.