Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Llamas & Lambs in Peru (2008 Year Out Volunteer)

Written by Jess Morton

Just a quick e-mail to let you all know that I have arrived and all is well. The flight across was ok, although all of us felt a little bit sick when we landed in Chile. The hours flight into Cusco was the best, we only just got above the clouds as it wasn´t a long flight and so just as the sun was rising we were flying over the country side and out of nowhere the tips of snow caped mountains would pop out of the clouds. It was a good start to the next three months! We all found our in country without any problems and were driven to our hotel. We´re staying in Cusco for the week to do some Spanish lessons (much needed may I point out) and just to have a look around and get to know the city.

Yesterday Izzie, Hannah and I went for a quick walk just around the hotel and found a really nice cafe called Jacks. Afterward we just wondered the streets where we bumped into heaps of llamas, wild dogs and even a lamb?! Needless to say it´s been a massive shock to the system and I don´t begin to deny that homesickness has been an issue over the last 24hours. It will all die down soon I´m sure.

Today looks like it´s going to a little bit more busy as we´re going out to breakfast soon where we should be told the plan for the rest of the week. Spanish lessons start this afternoon I think which should be interesting, mainly because most of us were still awake at 5 this morning and should be hitting a wall about the same time we start the lesson.

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