Monday, 1 September 2008

GapBreak 2008 arrives in Ecuador!

Written By - Marcelo, In-country Agent in Ecuador

I would like to inform you that this morning we had the Orientation Meeting at my home. All 20 kids attended plus some of the host parents. It was a long session where I explained all important issues especially on their personal security and responsibilities at the placements.

The transport system was also explained, general cultural aspects and the like. Some of the students also placed questions and every thing was clear for everybody.

As soon as they buy their mobiles celulars we will be in closer touch, in permanent contact indeed. They are supposed to call me at any time they need me during 24 hours a day, especially when they are away from home on a trip.

All the kids are in perfect health and very exited. On Sunday week all them will assist at the stadium to watch the game Ecuador / Bolivia. They are preparing themselves to acquire the Ecuadorian team shirt and participate with the local kids from the gallery.

Our little ones are excited with the soccer. Next Sunday they will attend at the game Ecuador / Bolivia. They are prepared to yell like hell and cheer up the Ecuadorian team, By the way, Ecuador has now the best team named "LIGA" of the whole Latin America as it won the championship of best teams in Latin America. Now LIGA is going to play in Japan with the best or champion team of Europe, if it wins Liga will be the best team in the world!

Some soccer games will be organised for the them, salsa classes, gym, swimming, and aerobics all in our neighbourhood during afternoons, besides extra classes of Spanish if some of them decide to get more Spanish at their cost.

All kids gathered to make a plan for all weekends as to travel to the Andes, snow trip, Pacific beach, jungle, bullfights, etc. Let me tell you that last night, Friday they were already at the discos. They are fantastic kids, no problem.

On Monday I will take them to the Academy, everything is ready there. They will take the placement test. The whole week the kids will be quite busy with their Spanish lessons and home work. After this we will go to visit various projects and each of the students will choose one project to volunteer.

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  1. Great news Marcello. Thank you for keeping us family members informed.

    It would be good if you and them keep up the communications back here as we are always keen to get an update every 2 or 3 days if possible? Tim Rossi