Monday, 29 September 2008

Thailand Community Project

Written by St Michael's - Thailand World Tours 2008

Day 6 - Community Project
Our day began in Chiang Rai at the NGO where we had spent the night. We travelled by bus and boat on the Mekong River to a Karen village of around 250 people.

They were very welcoming and we spent the afternoon playing with the children in the school, teaching them English songs and games and painting their new school building maroon and white. Our group was divided throughout the host families of the village who spoke very little English and who we communicated with in small Karen words and body language. The Chief of the village and his wife Sewai, along with the Christian paster and some of the other villagers spoke to our group in an evening discussion about the contrasts between Australia and rural Thailand. Our guides, Aie, Nu and Yaka were very helpful in their translations.

The work we did in the village was very much appriciated and rewarding. We are all looking foward to a nice hot shower without a bucket.

Day 7 Community Project – A day in the Village
Today we spent most of the day in the village but we painted it for ages and most of us were getting to bothered to be able to paint. When we were done we all had a photo out front of it, the food they served was very nice we had rice and chicken and cabbage and pork and lots of other things, then we got in the back of a ute one the way to the Chian Guest house where we got our rooms and just chilled out for the rest of the day. When night time came up we went to the night markets and some of us bought things others didn't but it was lots of fun and then we went to bed for the night and waited for the next day to arrive.

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