Monday, 22 September 2008

Tuk Tuks and Temples in Thailand!

Written by St Michael's College - Thailand World Tours 2008

Day 1 - Bangkok
The flight went really well. I must say the seat belt sign freaked me out as we went throught the storm. arrived in Bangkok. Met up with Paul and started the tour. Went on this awsome boat down one of the many Bangkok canals. With houses in lanes all down the side. With there own shops and food growing on decks.. it was amazing.

Its been amazing. Visted the most beautiful temple, ate some local food and traveled around. It was most of our first times on the TUK TUKS!.. little cars thats transport you around. A LOT OF FUN. Its all going well. =]=] having the best time.
love jess and andrew

Day 3 - Chiang Mai
In Thailand, we started with a scenic view of Chang Mai as we awoke on the train. The 12 hour train ride was coming to an end as we rolled to the station. A local bus called a songtaew drove us around the city until we arrived at the Lanna Thai Guest House and checked into our rooms. A short group meeting followed by a visit to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep Rajvoravihara a local temple that is located on one of the hills of Chang Mai. It offered an amazing view and an even better work out. The temple had an awesome staircase that was bordered by huge serpents. After the temple we went to a local waterfall that was surrounded by some interesting shops that sold mainly food. Some items on the menu included silk worms, crickets, grubs, beetles and cockroaches. Most people were game enough to try them but only three were able to keep it down, including our tour guide Paul. After the waterfall we went to an authentic Buddhist temple that gave us amazing insights to the popular and traditional tradition. The temple had massive caves and tunnels that held great importance in ancient years. Refreshments in our hotel followed by an information discussion on how to use Thai squat toilets then out to the local markets and night bazaar where we had wonderful fruit smoothies for dinner and batered with local stall owners.

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