Wednesday, 1 October 2008

First Impressions....

Written By IGS Group A - India Expedition 2008

We arrived in Kolkata at 1:06 in the morning on the 29th of september. As we steped out of the plane onto the tarmac our shoes began to melt under our feet as we walked towards the airport on this humid night.

The first thought that came into our minds as we steped into the airport were the differences from our culture that we could immediatley see. After picking up our luggage we headed onto a coach which took us back to our hotel. driving through the streets we experienced an immediate culture shock with the amount of poverty visiable. After a rest we headed out on a guided tour through Kolkata. At this stage although it was only the first day, we began to adjust to the culture. we visited sites including Mother Teresas missionarys of charity, the White House of Kolkata and an aray of temples.We then headed back to the hotel to pack our bag ready for the over night train. The over night train was an experience in its self which we all quite enjoyed. After 10 hours we finally reached Siliguri, spliting into 3 groups and taking a jeep ride up to Darjeling. With alot of bumps and bruises we finally arrived into the vibrant streets and found our selves sitting on the couch of our hotel sipping on tea and eating biscuts before eating our lunch. After, we spent our time getting comfortable in our rooms before we headed out into the colourful markets.


  1. Hi from Fin's family
    That sounds just so amazing - what an incredible journey you're all on! What an experience!
    Hey by the way it's Fin's 16th birthday tomorrow!(2/10/08) have a fantastic day darling!
    Hope you're all having an amazing time.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Fin from NZ Gma & Aunty P

    Love ya heaps XXX

  3. It reminds me of the first time I landed at Collangatta from Melbourne back in to 70s. Good on you IGS people for getting out in the world and getting away from your comfort zone. Much to see and experience. Sydney is still here and we all eager await your return ...

  4. Go IGS!
    we're all hanging out for more info! and wondering what happened next...though of course we know you're all really busy (and probably exhausted) but when and if you get the chance, send some more snippets of your experiences we'd really love to hear from you!!!