Friday, 17 October 2008

IGS Team B Update!

Written By IGS Group B - India Expedition 2008

This is team B, we are currently staying at the Dekaline Hotel in Darjeeling. It is our second day hear and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The shopping is amazing, the people are friendly and the streets are clean in comparison to the dirty streets of Calcutta. Over the last week we have completed our trek along the Singalilla Ridge line. The highlights were the fantastic view of Mt Everest and Mt Katunchanga at Sandakpu and our fantastic accommodation at Raman. The sherpa's were great.

They provided great service, food and friendly attitudes, especially our main guide Gyaltshen who formed everlasting friendships with many pf the groups members. Although we experienced many difficulties with various illnesses, our group kept a positive outlook and completed the trek in an excellent time. The erratic and generally torrential conditions of the Himalayas frustrated many members.

We have just completed a day of shopping and a tour through darjeeling city. We are currently comparing and bragging the goods of the day. The tour was a let down with the zoology park closed and the Himalayan mountaineering institute also closed for the day. The sites visited included the Japanese pagoda, tea plantations and the Tibetan refuge self help centre.

In the coming days we plan to spend any remaining money, overnight train from Siliguri to Kolkata and return to Australia.

cya soon


  1. Great to hear from team B, we are all looking forward to your imminent return.
    Hot baths at the ready
    cya smooth


  2. so proud of you all

  3. That sounds amazing Team B! We are restocking the fridge for your return! Bon voyage! Rose and Ben, Newtown