Monday, 10 November 2008

GapBreak Ecuador Update!

Written by: Ella Fisher, GapBreak Ecuador 2008
Photos by: Ella Fisher and In-country Agent Marcelo

Hola Everybody,
I am loving my volunteer project at the Instituto Fiscal Discapacidad Motriz. I think it will be very hard to leave, the kids and my work colleagues are amazing. So far I have spent our fundraising money on two murals. The first, with an inspirational education quote, is what you see first when you enter the school and is a makes a much happier first impression of the school.

The second on a 20 m wall behind the play equipment is of cartoons, including a kangaroo and Tasmanian devil. There are also areas for the children to do some hand printing, although they have already contributed as the painters were extremely accommodating of the kids. I have managed to only get one set of clothes covered in paint so far. lol. The mural has been alot of fun for the kids to interact with different people in the school and do some painting, and it certainly brightens the place up alot, drawing attention away from the barbed wire etc.

We have also begun a pen pal arrangement with Mum’s kids at Dungog High School, which has really excited the teachers and students of the school. They are very interested in the facilities and technology for disabled people in Australia. They got very excited when they saw ¨The Big Red Switch¨, a big button for children who cannot use a keyboard, to communicate through a computer. So Mum and Dad organised to get some Australian software and the switch. Dad is going to bring it here when he comes over to visit the Galapagos Islands with me. I am also planning to buy a computer for the school, as they only have one for 70 or so students and they just don’t get the opportunities for other methods of communication and learning new skills. Thank you all again for donating money, it is extremely appreciated by the school, they send their thanks to you all.

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