Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Life in Kenya!

Images by Zoe Henry GapBreak 2008

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  1. Thankyou Katie for putting some photos up. I've been heaps busy, no time for writing blogs! I have two days left in Kenya now, its very sad saying goodbye to everyone! I've enjoyed myself so much here its such a great experience. I'll put little captions for the photos:

    1: Five of us when we climbed Mt Kenya - the sunrise at the summit was IMMENSE and I nearly fell off the mountain doing my "greet the sun" yoga movement!

    2: This is a group photo before the Dutch people left for home. They only stayed for 1 month, but I learnt how to do the yoho-diabolo from Willem thanks dude!

    3. Our mission in up Mt Kasigow... a mighty fine warm up before we tackled Mt Kenya.

    4. Camp Kenya held a charity motocross event near our camp. This is me and the kids doing backflips on the down ramp after all the racing had finished. I also have 5 balls of wool in my hair at this point!

    5. This is in Tsavo East National Park where we did our safaris. Very cool.

    6. Also in Tsavo, but this is at a primary school where we were digging trenches and doing lots of singing.

    7. The kids love hand-clappy games, they're obsessed!

    8. Me and Sophie found paints and attacked some cardboad and then donated them to the school. The colours were a bit funky but hopefully the kids still know what kind of animals they were.

    9. Me and AJ hard at work at the tree nursury. I think we carted more kids around than the dirt for the trees!