Monday, 15 December 2008

All Hallows' in China

Everything is going well. We completed our first trek yesterday, it was quite challenging but overall very enjoyable. The views were spectacular, upon decent we had lunch with a local Naxi Family which was good, met some fellow travellers from Scotland and Ireland.

Yesterday we arrived at our community project and will start working tomorrow. It was at least -15 degrees last night but most of us were quite warm. The kids are very cute and the community is very welcoming. Today we visited a Tibetan temple and learnt a fair amount of the buddist culture, we were privileged enough to meet the highest ranked monk in Tibet and had some of our questions translated to him through our guides Sonam and Tupan. The food is incredible, we are very lucky. Despite numerous girls being tired we are very excited to be continuing with our expedition and community project.

Written by Elise Buchanan, All Hallows' China/Vietnam Expedition 2008

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