Monday, 15 December 2008

Breathtaking Moments in Tanzania

Hello everyone Jim here,

We've been trekking for three days and arrived in Moshi on a Sunday and today is a public holiday. Trek was extremely challenging for all...we all made it to Rhio point at 3800m and then the group split with the maniacs summiting and the more sensible of us resting (note the bias)and watching the sun rise on Kili...enough to bring a tear to your eye...some amazing moments and photos..girls so exited...very satisfying for me....freezing winds drove us back down to the saddle hut for the morning to wait for the more intrepid...they returned jubilant around noon and we immediately began our knee crunching, calf burning descent through rain and really is a wonder to see a rain cloud below you, then descend through it to look up and see it above love the romance of this stuff...could easily pass on the physicality though....

Moshi is a nice country town...excellent coffee as it is a coffee growing region....girls had a day shopping and doing laundry....seemed to really enjoy the routine of it after such a challenging time on the mountain....met the Pamoja team in the rangers hut as they were arriving and we were leaving...they were full of anticipation...interesting to see them.

Had birthday celebrations at a roof top restaurant and watched the sun set on Kili...a 16th birtday not to forget for Felicity and a 17th for Beth's memory book for safely delivered from mum and dad with a few quiet moments that followed.... The group has gelled beautifully and the girls pretty much have control of the entirety of the planning now...Maddie told me at breakfast this morning that I had to be at a certain place at a certain time and I realised that I had lost touch with the day to day running of the show...a good thing..planning to happen that way but not this early....they are really in control now.... Within the hour we are off to the project in the small village of Kidia about 20 minutes from here so will be out of communication again....may get a chance to come back into town and will contact again if possible.....bumped into the Brisbane Boys Grammar yesterday for a few minutes in town. They are all well and heading off for their trek as we replace them on the community project.

Written by Jim Seaha, Marafiki Team Leader, Brisbane Girls Grammar, Tanzania Expedition 2008

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