Tuesday, 16 December 2008

St Aidans A

Heading out to Las Chullpas today to catch up with Chalo and begin our trek.

St Aidans A have already travelled from Arequipa, Lake Titicaca and are now looking forward to their trek. The team is looking forward to Christmas in the Plaza de Armes in Cuzco!


  1. The´À`team is now in Ollantaytambo after spending an amazing 6 days around Las Chulpas and the Sacred Valley. Our trek was epic, plenty of steep climbs and breathtaking (literally) scenery. The good news is the team made it with out any major incicent, though there was a minor issue with a horse, details to follow later. We are off to Macchu Picchu tomorrow before heading back to Cuzco on the19th.
    By directive of the team, after several cases of upset tummies, we are now to be referred to as ´Team Immodium´


  2. Today is our last day in the Shopping Mall of Peru, Cusco. We will be heavily baggaged tomorrow when fly out to Lima.

    Despite constant chat amongst the team members about their favourite home cooked meal, the team are looking forward to a feast for dinner tonight- excited to`spend up big after holding back to keep in budget and save for the last supper.

    The team have had a wonderful time in Peru.