Monday, 29 December 2008

UniBreak India crew from Jess

Pen update, eye surgery and Xmas palm fronds

Things are going verrry well! House good, but all should bring water bottle as we're boiling H20 every night...
Placement excellent, Igraine and I don't see each other until arvo but have great fun catching up! Two other girls are here, Canadian and an American.

We've had some great experiences already, I've seen my first corneal surgery and Intra-Ocular Lense placement, and have done rubella vacc. camp and Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation camp in amongst village health checks, orphanage and special school work. This Sunday I begin a weekly experience at eye check and surgery camp in Tara, a close town, for poor village people who can't usually afford surgery.

Chrissy plans are: going to Sheetal's house for dinner, and making a palm-frond xmas tree. Safeena has been wonderful, in fact without her guidance the program would be going a lot slower! She's wonderful and warm and has all the suggestions about things to do to expand my program. Iggy and I have been doing a lot of socialising, I've become pretty friendly with a doctor about my age and we do nerdy things like swap clinical books, etc. ha ha :).

A very happy Christmas to you!

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