Saturday, 3 January 2009

Wanniassa School - Update

We have been in SaPa for the last three days, trekking through the mountians.

It's been amazing. The views have been spectacular! To get there we took an over night train from Ha Noi to Lao Cia, ariving at 5:30am. It was hard to wake up that early, but we were all really excited. After a quick breakfast we began our trek followed by local 'sale-ladies'. We had lunch every day at small 'reststops' where our local guide cooked for us. Over the two day we walked about 30km, most of which was steep up hill or very steep downhill! We were lucky enought to have sun for the first time of the trip! Which was awesome because we were in the coldest part of the trip (we still need our thermals for bedtime though!). We stayed in two villiages with local families (the first homestay, we had AMAZING food).

The trek was fantastic! We ALL enjoyed it... David says hi... THE END!


  1. Hi to you all,

    thanks for the update, and glad to see that you survived your trek.
    Looking forward to you coming home. see you all in Sydney.

    Thanks to Tim the Guide and To Rachel and Kellie for taking the kids on a wonderful adventure.

  2. Hi to everyone, sounds like the trek was a really great physical experience. I'm sure the remaining days will be as exciting. And, likewise a big thanks to David, Rachel and Kellie.

  3. Judy van says Hi to all of you. I'm glad to hear you are all safe and having a wonderful adventure. I look fowrad to seeing photos of the amazing scenery when you return. Continue to enjoy your trip, stay safe, healthy and happy.

  4. Hi again, 30kms wow, and to think Ashleigh Neall couldn't even walk to school. The time is passing veryquickly now so make sure you enjoy the time you have left in country before you head back home. See you soon. The Nealls.
    PS: Sorry Ash............