Thursday, 2 July 2009

Jambo from Kenya

Written by Joanne Cranney - GapBreak 2009, Kenya

It is amazing over here, too much to tell already! The plane trip was hectic. We got to Nairobi ok however it took so long to get through customs that we nearly missed the plane! We only got to our connecting flight as the last couple of people were boarding. We were also delayed because loads of people were trying to help us then trying to get money from us! We arrived at Mombassa and got on this old truck with no walls it was the scariest trip of my life!!! So we got to our little village a bit overwhelmed and tied. I am in a mud hut with 7 other girls. We all have nets around our beds!

Sunday we went for a walk around the village then headed to 40 thieves beach- the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. There were camels there too. So we all (28 of us) went for a swim for hours and there was hardly anyone else there. Monday we started our project work and built this massive fence. I must have gone weak as I was buggered by the end. However, I still had enough strength to play with the kids and a game of soccer with the villages, which we lost miserably! Today I am so sore and can barely move so luckily we had a restful day- we walked about 30 mins to another village and they cooked us lunch, which was so nice. So I am now back at the beach for the afternoon.

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