Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Fifth week of antics for Scholarship Interns Claire and Amelia

Santa Claus is coming to India!

We’re looking forward to our Indian Christmas. Parcels have been arriving from our family and friends so we even have wrapped presents under our cardboard tree! We have slowly been putting up Christmas decorations including some extremely cute little reindeer that have proved to be a big hit with the staff at FEGG. Little Nikil had a lot of fun working out where we had hidden each one. Our room looks fabulous. Fulfilling a childhood wish, Claire went a little overboard cutting out angel paperchains to decorate the walls, literally all the walls, so we see them wherever we look. The joy of making a bizzilion paperchains was continued by some of the office ladies who furtively started experimenting with scissors and paper to get the same result. Some of them gave up and asked for instructions, laughing at how simple it was. We have a Christmas window shrine where we have hung photos of our loved ones which we visit every morning to open a window on the Advent calendar (lucky we didn’t leave home without that) and to say hello to the familiar faces in the photos. We told you we were getting a little crazy!

The lead-up to Christmas has been tainted by Amelia’s inconvenient and debilitating flu. However it did provide us the opportunity to visit the local health clinic, an interesting experience. The registration form required Amelia to give details of her father or husband – apparently they needed to know which man was responsible for her before allowing her consultation. She was then ushered over to a nurse who checked her blood pressure, temperature and went through a questionnaire of symptoms, making notes on her card. Next was what we thought was the waiting room, but soon turned out to be where the doctor saw her patients. A number of pregnant women, several coughing children and a few feeble elders formed a crowd around her desk. In a seemingly random order, the doctor took each patient’s health file and gave her advice. Each transaction was accompanied by murmurs of agreement or friendly chuckles from the audience. Amelia was relieved that her health complaint that she had to share with the room was not of a more private nature. The doctor prescribed Amelia with all the fitting drugs as well as a hemogram that surprised us by coming back within minutes of having her blood taken. Capital Pathology, beat that!

So our week rolled on with Amelia stacking up snotty tissues and Claire getting blisters from overuse of scissors making decorations. Now we anticipate a big adventure over the Christmas break and a busy return to FEGG in January.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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