Saturday, 19 December 2009

Monte B - Peru

Hey everyone!

Just an update on the community project. A few days ago we modified and painted two soup kitchens as well as participating in another Choclotada with the peruvian day care kids also supported by the sisters. We visited the health care center and presented them with many toothpaste and toothbrushes that were donated by the monte community. The workers in the health center are mainly volunteers with an exception of a professional doctor and dentist. They were all extremely happy for our visit and were stoked about our donations. Sr Joan took us on a tour of Cerra Candela, where we got to personally visit the women from the houses in their own homes. This was an eye opening experience and we were all touched by it. Yesterday we visited many tourist sites in central Lima, churches and museums. Today we are visiting the Consule for Australia in Tres de Mayo and we are putting on a show for the guests.
Everybody is well, and having a fabulous time. Tomorrow we are heading to Cusco bright and early, so speak to you from there.
Lots of love, Monte B


  1. Hi Jules,
    This journey sounds truly awesome with great places still to come. Hope you are all well and making the most of this wonderful opportunity. Take care, live life.
    miss you heaps, Mother

  2. Love reading your updates . Enjoy every minute, Cath Kelly