Monday, 12 July 2010

Meeting the Masai, an eventful few weeks for our Tanzania gappers.

The last two weeks in camp have been absolutely rocking and very eventful, especially the last few days which were spend camping out bush in the savannah. The camp is called Ndarakwai and our time there was spent getting rid of poaching snares and digging out farrows and a waterhole for the animals to drink from.
The 13,000 acre ranch is currently home to hundreds of zebras, giraffes, warthogs, impalas, elands, antelopes and many others, including one particually hungry cheatah.
There is also several Masai settlements on the property, and we had the opportunity to spend a morning with the tribe- learning their culture, taking part in traditional beading and even teaching them the hokey pokey. Not every day you can say that you did the hokey pokey with the masai!Jambo Antips!

It was an amazing experience to live in this place and amongst this setting, but we were still relieved yesterday to be home in camp and say goodbye to the tents, bucket showers and drop toilets.

Back in camp, life has been almost equally interesting. A war has broken out between the boys and girls- started through us putting a chicken in to the shower with Patrick. The boys got their own back later that night by waking us up with pots and pans over our heads at two am!
We have welcomed to Camp Tanzania a whole other group of European campers, who are staying with us for a mix of one and two months. Tonight we are celebrating their arrival with a fancy dress party before hitting the clubs.

Tomorrow we head away again to Camp Kydia which is 45 minutes away up Mt. Kilimanjaro where we will get to know the local Chaga tribes and work with the woman there.

Hoping all is well back home! And until next time, hakuna matata! :)

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