Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sydney Uni student, Nicole return from Cambodia health placment

 I am back in Australia and it's cold!
I arrived yesterday and straight back to uni!

I had a really wonderful time in Cambodia.  I was very happy with my projects.  They both went really well and were finished on time.

I was expecting to be really sad leaving Cambodia, but I actually left on a happy note.  (ok maybe a bit sad).  I really enjoyed my time over there, soaking up Cambodian life-(culture, people, great food!!) and loved working with the kids!! I'm pretty confident the projects will be continued by the house mothers ( who are fantastic!!)

The tourism project was such a new (and fantastic) experience for me! Never done anything like this before so it was really great to get my hands into it.  The hotel managers were really open to the project and how they could make their facilities more accessible for tourists with disabilities.  Great to see!

Laos was very nice! Luang Prabang was a nice, quiet retreat from the busy life of Siem Reap!  I did some bike riding in the countryside, a boat to the caves, waterfalls, night markets (awesome!), and templing!

The wedding was amazing! So great to have the experience of a traditional Khmer wedding and get into the dancing, ceremonies and food for 2 days!  And the dressing up experience, haha one not to forget!  Pretty sure we became the talk of town!

Thanks for all of your support and giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience!



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  1. It’s very cold in the Australia. This was my wonderful time in Cambodia for health placements. I am Sydney Uni student.