Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Somerville House Team A - Update # 5

A final update form the team

After a long bus ride of about 6 hours along foggy, windy mountain roads, we finally reachedd our gorgeous hotel in Chitawan. The concept of a working shower with a curtain did seem a little unusual, but we settled in quite easily. We dumped our bags in our rooms and proceeded to a deliciouus lunch, followed by an ELEPHANT RIDE... just casually. The next day we set out on a jungle walkk, starting off by getting there by ox. We then reachedd a riverr and had a boat ride along the beaautifull water where wee saw numeroouus crocodiles along the way. after reaachiing the bank, we started waalkkinng throughthe jungle, wheeree wee saw birds, deer, monkeys, sloth holes and even a rhino whiich we swear wass aboouut to charge. This was then followed by stopping at a park, where we watched elephants pllayinng soccer. The norml game seems so uninterestng now.

The next day we then set off to Katmandu where we did our final shopping, and visited Patan, famous for itsmetal works and 2 AMAZING temples. We then packed our bags for the final timme and set off to the airpoort, where we sat down and had our final debrief. Not going to lie, there were a couple of tearrs. We are currently atthe Bangkok airport about to board our plane.

We are all so exciited to comee home and see everryonne again. As much as we will miss the awesome food and lack of need of hygene, it'll be awesome beeinng back and able to drink from the tap and lie in a bed withouut a sleeping bag :)

Thankks so much!
Checking out forr the final time,
The A Team

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