Friday, 29 June 2012

The build up to Brazil

GapBreak Brazil - September group at the Antipodeans Abroad training course

PROJECT: Wildlife Conservation & Youth Work
WRITTEN BY: Hannah McHardy

The months leading up to our Brazil placement have been similar to those leading up to the final HSC exams, seemingly distant and full of anticipation! However these months differ as excitement and enthusiasm to save as much money as possible and get away to participate in new and exotic experiences replace feelings of dread and frustration.

There has been much to organise before leaving home that has largely contributed to these emotions; visas, booking flights, deciding what travels to take following the placement, etc. There have also been those not as enjoyable experiences such as the numerous imunisations and the realisation I might not be able to save as much money for travels after our placement.

Another aspect to our antipodeans adventure was meeting our group! The training course was approaching and that was something I personally was looking forward to the most; discovering what kinds of people I would be spending the three months with.

The weekend came and went and was full of interesting and critical talks and Q and A's. Spending time with the girls and even others I met that were going to other countries and continents for completely different experiences was extremely beneficial. Bonding over our excitement as well as working and overspending woes created a comforting atmosphere.

A few months to go before departing brings only heightened excitement and a desire to get out of Sydney and see what Brazil has to offer!

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