Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hey Obruni! One month into GapBreak Ghana

PROJECT: Teaching & Care work

We've made it to the one month mark! And what a crazy, awesome and interesting month it has been.

We have definitely all settled into orphanage life. During the week Maddie and I make the trek from Tina's Care to Helping Hand everyday, where our kids go to school. We get to say "hey" to the other girls and sometimes help look after the younger kids, before heading back for lunch and to hang out with our littlies. The kids are beautiful, and there is most definitely never a dull moment!

On our second weekend we decided to head to Winneba, about 20 minutes away- for a few nights to experience a festival. Massive crowds of people rushing through the streets, kings and queens, cross dressing and multiple invitations for friendship were just a few highlights. We also spent a lovely morning at Sir Charles Beach, which was extremely beautiful, despite resulting in some extreme sunburns.

Skip ahead two weeks and we found ourselves at Wli. We travelled all day Friday to arrive at the gorgeous little village surrounded by mountains. Wli hosted the incredible experience of swimming under the tallest waterfall in western Africa. To describe the waterfall: wow. To describe the feeling: imagine standing amid the craziest storm you can picture.

The second day we travelled out of Wli to visit a monkey sanctuary. Yet another awesome experience.

So that is that. We have settled into Ghana life, yet are still amazed by all this country has to offer. I think it is safe to say that we are used to the heat, jam packed tro-tros, random power outages and the phrase "obruni", but we still say "aww" whenever we see a cute little baby goat.

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