Wednesday, 28 January 2015

5 adventures in India not to be missed

PROGRAM: UniBreak Groups
PROJECT: Teaching
WRITTEN BY: Jasmine Horrocks, Newcastle University

India has been a unique and hectic but completely fascinating country to explore. From New Delhi’s bustling streets to the ancient pink buildings of Jaipur, India has something for everyone to enjoy. Here are five adventures/experiences you don't want to miss:

1. An auto-rickshaw ride

Auto-rickshaws seem to be the life blood of Delhi and are easily spotted in traffic by their distinctive yellow cab covers. These vehicles weave in and out of the congested streets with seeming ease, often driving on the bicycle paths along the sides of the road in order to avoid the chaotic traffic. We have taken many rides in these wonderful vehicles and even once squashed four people into one (normally autos take two to three people) which was hilariously fun!

2. Getting inked with henna

This is a top pick for everyone, especially girls. At the learning centre where we are volunteering, the older girls spent an afternoon drawing beautiful patterns, flowers and swirls on our hands in henna, which was so special.

3. Delving into foodie paradise

Dehli really is heaven for those that appreciate a variety of flavours. The range of spices, curries, breads and sweets is quite simply phenomenal! Our favourite dish so far has been chole bhature, which consists of puffed up fried bread and a spicy chick pea dipping sauce, eaten with your hands, of course.

4. A trip to Jaipur

Outside of Delhi there are two essential adventures in undertake. Firstly a trip to Jaipur is a must; its scenery, local ambience and spectacular Moghul architecture is dazzling. The highlights of this city include its famous pink buildings, elephants travelling along the streets, fantastic market shopping and of course the spectacular Amber fort sitting against a dramatic mountain backdrop.

5. The Taj Mahal

Secondly- but most importantly- an adventure to the Taj Mahal would be the top of any traveller’s itinerary in India. There’s no mistaking why. Seeing the Taj Mahal in reality is truly breathtaking and is made even better when seen while wearing saris too! If you only do one thing out of my 5 must do's- make it this one. (I'd recommend doing all five though!)

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