Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Preparing For Your UniBreak Trip to Nepal

PROJECT: Medical Placement (Radiotherapy & Paramedicine)

My final blog post is about the little things (and not so little things!) to prepare for before you leave for your Nepali volunteering experience.

1) Go into volunteering in Nepal with a completely open mind.
Having no expectations ensures you embrace all opportunities.

2) Do some research beforehand.
During placement there will be free time at the weekends. All activities are flexible and you don't need to stick to the scheduled programs. Be proactive!

3) Beware of over-packing toiletries and clothes!
Changing between a few pairs is all you'll need. Honestly.

4) Finally, a packing list to ensure you are ready to go
~ Toilet paper!!!
~ Head torch, for those pesky power cuts
~ A rechargeable battery for your phone (just in case the power is out and you're on 1%...)
~ ATMs are often out of order outside major cities, so prepare beforehand how much money you will need for future expenses, spending money for trips etc. if you find a good ATM, stick to it, and remember, many have limits of how much money you can withdraw!
~ Winter in Chitwan has very cold mornings and nights, but is sunny and quite warm during the day. Bringing a warm thick jacket is very useful, plus a thinner jacket for later in the day.

But most importantly, remember:
~ A cheery disposition: your mood will affect all the other students you are with.
~ A teamwork orientated mindset: you will need to compromise to reach a mutual agreement.

Good luck, and enjoy your UniBreak adventures!

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