Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Week 2 in Siem Reap for JCU volunteers

COUNTRY: Cambodia
PROGRAM: UniBreak Groups
PROJECT: Education
WRITTEN BY: Delia Koelman, James Cook University

Week Two in Siem Reap has been just as full on and exciting as week one, with lots of new adventures while still working hard at school. The girls were privileged to be given the opportunity to visit the homes of some students as part of the photobook project.

“Going into the homes of the students was a great experience. Their homes are simple but the people are humble and content. Every home we went to we were welcomed into, and we were offered to share in what little people had. It was good to learn more about the lives of our students, which helped us in building working relationships with them.”

On Wednesday a couple of us were also treated to some local Khmer food, made by the staff at the school. It was nice to share the time and food with the staff at the school.
The rest of the girls worked on getting to know their students and teachers, and were challenged with planning their lessons for the topic for each class. Many of the older students at the school were excited to go on an outing to buy soccer boots with a donation made by another volunteer at the school. Now the boys each have their own pair of brand new boots to wear for their Sunday soccer games. Next week the students are looking forward to a visit from people from the landmine museum, and a puppet play to be put on by some of the students.

This weekend was filled with lots more exciting adventures. Alana set off for Laos on Friday afternoon, and spent her weekend elephant riding, hiking and exploring lots of beautiful waterfalls. Back in Siem Reap, the girls went quad bike riding, which was exhilarating and also a great opportunity to see some of the more remote villages in countryside Siem Reap. Other exciting events from the week included horse riding, visiting the floating villages, and going to see the incredible circus which was a trip highlight for many people.

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