Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Farewell To Our 'Sisters' In Indonesia

COUNTRY: Indonesia
PROGRAM: UniBreak Groups
PROJECT: Nursing
WRITTEN BY: Casey Samiotis, Edith Cowan University

Our second week was spent at Wangaya local government hospital in Denpasar. We had the opportunity to spend time on different wards including emergency, maternity, HDU, paediatrics & the outpatient clinic. With the help of our translators, we were able to observe some fascinating interventions.

Some of the highlights for us were witnessing births in the maternity ward and endless cuddles in the neonate nursery. We also encountered all sorts of medical and trauma cases in the small emergency department. It was interesting to see the ways in which the hospital differed from back home and also to experience the similarities - illegible doctor's handwriting is universal!

We were also invited for a tour of Stikes University campus and simulation labs where our translators are completing their nursing training. We have learnt a lot about nursing and about Balinese social and cultural influences in health care. All having left with a greater appreciation of the people and their impressive pain tolerance!

On our second last night we were invited to join our tour guide Wayan in his local village approximately 1 hour from Sanur, where we enjoyed a home cooked Balinese meal dressed in traditional Balinese sarongs. Children from the village entertained us all performing traditional music and dance.

Our last week of placement comes to an end and so the farewells begin. Tears flowed at the farewell dinner, where we exchanged gifts and said goodbye to our "sisters" (translators) after working so closely together for two weeks. We have made some lasting friendships and some unforgettable memories.

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