Friday, 17 July 2015

The 'must do' Argentina Checklist

COUNTRY: Argentina
PROJECT: Care work/Teaching
WRITTEN BY: Edward Spiller

The 'must-do' Argentina check list:

Have a midly complicated conversation with a local in Spanish. Tick
Visit the five biggest football teams in Buenos Aires. Three out of five ticks.
  • Learn how to speak to referees in Spanish. Tick
  • Buy a cheap used bike (or two) and ride around Buenos Aires. Tick
  • Get away with reckless bike riding (mum I'm always really safe I promise) through the one beautiful phrase, "no hablo español". Tick
  • Learn to love maté tea, the special type of tea that Argentinians drink throughout the day. Its bitter taste takes some getting used. Tick.
  • Learn to avoid fernet, the ridiculously herby tasting liqour Argentinians drink throughout the night. Tick. It is enjoyed by the locals and all foreigners have no idea why. In that regard consider it the vegemite of Argentina. (On a side note can someone please send me a care package of vegemite and timtams?)

Still to be ticked off:

  • Visit the famous Recoleta cemetry, the lying place of former president Eva Peron.
  •  Learn more about Eva Peron. Apparently she's kind of a big deal. Lets just say, people know her.
  • Learn how to say, "stay classy, Buenos Aires" in Spanish
  • Find the best empanada shop in Buenos Aires.
  • Convince Argentinians to let the Falklands Islands go. (This will never happen)
  • Work out how Argentinians can stay up partying all night and still go to work. I guess at least I know how the Argentinian economy isn't doing that well.
  • Find the most ridiculous haircut in Argentina, because there are many. I've come close (see picture of the guy in the football shirt) but there must be something slightly more strange out there. I'll keep you posted on discoveries.

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