Friday, 7 August 2015

5 must do's In Palampur

PROJECT: Healthcare
WRITTEN BY: Shannon Hickey

Top 5 ‘must-dos’ when volunteering in Palampur

- A long weekend trip to Manali – Have dinner at Johnsons and spend a day at Solang Valley. Don’t pass up the horse ride to the temple; for 500 rupees it’ll be a definite highlight of the entire trip.

- Buy a big box of mixed sweets at Gobind Sweets – The Gulab Jamun and Coconut Burfi were crowd favourites. While you’re there grab a few samosas as well!

- Market shopping at Dharamsala – The scarves are particularly beautiful but don’t forget to barter! A walk to the waterfall while you’re there is well worth the effort for the magnificent photo opportunities.

- Hang out on the rooftop of the volunteer house – When the sky is clear grab a yoga mat and your camera to practice your downward dog with a Himalayan backdrop.

- Embrace everything as a learning experience – It’s really easy to get stressed by how different life is in Palampur to Australia and many of us found our expectations quite different to the reality. The most essential ‘must-do’ of all while you are here is to leave your expectations at home and enjoy India for everything that it is, rather than becoming fixated on what you had thought it would be.

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