Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Canada Summer Camp Life

PROJECT: Work Placement
WRITTEN BY: Kate O'Hagan

I’m currently writing this on my creaky top-bunk in the private staff area of Cabin 10 in Camp New Moon. I’m a “sleep in” (a specialty staff who sleeps in a cabin with campers, but isn’t their official councilor) for nine prep girls. My day ordinarily looks like this...

8am- Wake up the girls in my cabin, which is no easy task. We play a wakeup song each morning to pester the girls out of bed, which usually results in groans. Breakfast is at 8:15am in the Mess Hall. The best breakfasts always include bagel and cream cheese as the pastry chef at camp makes all of the bread fresh every day.

9am- Breakfast is filled with heaps of chants and messy clean ups. After, all the campers go back to their cabins for clean up before they go to their organised classes.

10am- Before lunch there is two scheduled periods when cabins come down to each specialties. Myself or the three other sail staff take the kids out on Hobies or Lasers, they all love them. During lessons we teach kids about parts of the boat, knots, how to set up a boat, and the general rules of the water. The best bit is taking a small group of kids out and getting to chat to them about nonsense.

12:30pm- Lunch is served!!!! By this time my stomach has been growling for about an hour. Since I work at a Jewish camp we sing a blessing before every lunch and dinner. Kids immediately start lunging across the table for the food after the blessing. It’s incredibly loud during lunch and dinner, I LOVE IT. Kids sing chants that are sparked by anything, it might be someone dropping a spoon or if someone says the word “announcements”.

2:30pm- Rest hour finishes now, I usually just chill out at waterfront where I am all day with the other staff and enjoy not being surrounded by campers.

6:15pm- Dinner.

8:15pm- Evening Program begins, usually it’s within the units (Junies, Inters, Preps, Pre-CITS, or CITS) but sometimes it’s a whole camp program. We play a lot of ice breaker games or running games like dodge ball.

I never want to leave camp and everyday seems like it’s going by faster and faster.

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