Monday, 21 December 2015

Discovering Amazing Angkor Wat and New Insights into Nursing

COUNTRY: Cambodia
PROJECT: Wollongong Nursing
WRITTEN BY: Ashton Reid

Week two has been just as challenging and exciting as week one. It marked the end of our first clinic rotations. It was really good to swap clinics between the two groups because it allowed us to see both different perspectives and how the two clinics worked – including their similarities and differences.

This week Krabei Riel clinic gave us a taste of midwifery and with our supervisor's help, we were able to do plenty of antenatal care with the mothers. For both clinics, immunising children was a big job with lots of families bringing their babies into be immunised first thing in the morning.

Throughout week two, we were all given the chance to look at the clinic pharmacy and observe medication dispensing. It was interesting to see the differences pharmacy practice between Cambodia compared to Australia.

On Thursday we were given the day off and all trekked by tuk tuk to the temples around Angkor Wat. The architecture and history behind all the various temples was amazing and so interesting as some were both Hindu and Buddhist temples. It is so easy to see how they became a wonder of the natural world.

Friday was our last day of practical, and lots of hugs and tears were shed. We invited everyone out for our last team dinner so a lot of the staff from the clinics came as well as our interpreters and drivers. It was really nice to sit down and talk to them about their lives more and the two weeks that we had all shared together.

It is easy to say that we all had an amazing time in Cambodia, and have learnt so much not only about nursing skills but also about the inter-personal skills that need to be engaged in with a patient to provide excellent primary health care, and person-centred care.

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