Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Day In The Life – Pokhara, Nepal!

PROJECT: Nursing Placement
WRITTEN BY: Tayla Peck

A day in the life of Pokhara in Nepal means waking up early to the sounds of crows, roosters or dogs barking. I always look forward to breakfast and I have the same thing every morning!

Tibetan flat bread with chopped banana covered in honey and a milk tea to wash it down. It is a perfect way to start the day. Our taxi picks us up at 7.30am to take us to Manipal Hospital by 8.00am. As we enter our ward for the day, we meet our patients and look through their notes before doctor rounds start.

After learning about our patients, doctor rounds begin and we follow, asking questions along the way. Vital observations and morning care need to be performed. This can be a challenge with the language barrier but I would ask the nurse to translate for me.

I would always greet the patient with 'namaste.' Medications are due throughout the day and it was always good practice drawing up the IV medications and administering them. I have my breakfast break at 10.30 and head down to the hospital cafe for a mocha and muffin or vegetable pastry.

The coffee at the hospital is great and the cafe has wifi too. Afternoons can be quiet sometimes but its important to make the most out of your placements. I would go to Maternity to see if my friend has any births and watch if possible. Otherwise I would go to the library and research any terminology that I did not understand throughout the day. Before I knew it 3pm would come round and home time was upon us.

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