Friday, 19 February 2016

A Rewarding Week on Health Placement in Nepal

WRITTEN BY: Sarah Robertshaw

This week we were faced with a new challenge of teaching kids at the schools. It was so very rewarding! 

Even though I'm not that great at teaching. Especially with ESL children. We decided to teach them about hand hygiene and we taught them all about how to wash their hands, when to wash their hands and also why it's important. It seemed that they all already knew this information even though they didn't do it. So we moved on to pollution.

Here in Kathmandu pollution is a massive issue. Not only is the air polluted but so is everywhere you look, except people tend to keep their houses spotless. Which is ironic, I believe. During the pollution sessions we taught them what pollution is, why it's bad, how to recycle and we even taught a bit on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Then they made posters of how they can reduce pollution in their daily lives, which was really successful because the children are so creative. We also taught the children about first aid and earthquake safety.

We showed them bandaging, strapping and other first aid necessities. The children were so excited to see us they even wrote us little letters saying they didn't want us to leave it was so beautiful! During our last day at each of the schools we ran an emu parade and walked around with the children picking up litter.

It was very successful and rewarding.

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