Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Five Must-Do Things in Pokhara, Nepal

PROJECT: Nursing Placement
WRITTEN BY: Tayla Peck

1. Chitwan National Park 
CNP is perfect for a 3-day weekend trip away. We were able to walk through the national park and observe the local wildlife. We saw deer, monkeys, crocodiles and birds. Tigers, rhinos, elephants and leopards can be spotted if you're lucky enough (we didn’t get to see any). We also fed baby elephants and rode an elephant through the safari hoping to spot some more wildlife. We were fortunate enough to see a rhino and baby. Elephant bathing is available but we choose not to go because it's too cold for them in the winter months.

2. Paragliding 
Paragliding is definitely a must-do. I am quite frightened of heights and decided to do something way out of my comfort zone. It was such a great experience and the view was incredible. I was able to see all of Pokhara, the mountains, lake and villages. It was spectacular! I felt completely safe as paragliding is very common in Pokhara and the pilots are all well trained and experienced. Make sure you look at the weather before booking to hopefully have a clear sunny day.

3. World Peace Stupa 
World Peace Stupa is a beautiful landmark on top of a hill, boasting beautiful views of the countryside and lake. It is an easy trek up and down which is then followed by a boat ride to Lakeside. There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from and all are quite cheap. We enjoyed yoga on top of the hill with spectacular views. If you enjoy quiet peaceful environments with beautiful views then definitely take the time to trek to the Stupa. It can be seen from the Tibetan Settlement also.

4. Visit Lakeside 
 Lakeside is renown for its abundance of cafes, restaurants and markets. Alchemy and Himalayan Java are definitely my favourite places to go for coffee, lunch and a treat. They are opposite each other too. Alchemy has yoga at 9am and 5pm every day, which is really good. Its 700 rupees and definitely worth it! Markets sell anything from groceries to souvenirs to clothes. There are lots of Northface shops which is great to buy hiking gear. Tourism shops are also common which is great to check out as they have lots of information on local sites and places to see. Make sure you visit the lake too as there are lots of fresh juice cafes and other pretty little restaurants that are very cheap. I paid 150 rupees ($2.10) for a mocha at a cafĂ© along the lake. You can also have a boat ride along the Lake for a cheap price.

5. Bike ride through lakeside and countryside
Hire a bike at Lakeside to enjoy a scenic ride through the countryside and up the mountain. I was lucky enough to do this with my host brother and sister before they returned back to India for school. There are lots of cafes and juice bars to stop along the way. Make sure to listen out for the honks of cars and motorbikes. It is safe but definitely be cautious!

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