Thursday, 11 February 2016

Five Must-Do's in India!

COUNTRY: Palampur
PROJECT: Individual
WRITTEN BY: Sarah Piplica

This trip in it's entirety has been one of the best things I have ever done. I have learnt so much and, importantly, I feel like I have been able to give a lot as well. There are so many amazing experiences I will take with me. These are just five of the most memorable parts of the last month.

5. See the Taj Mahal 
You may have seen it a million times in art and popular culture, but this stunning piece of history cannot fully be appreciated until it is seen close up in all its detail.

 4. Go trekking in the Himalayas 
Perhaps one of the most physically challenging things you will do; well worth it for the spectacular views and to be able to say "I've gone trekking in the Himalayas!"

3. Camp under the stars in the Himalayas 
Everything you'd imagine it to be: keeping warm by the campfire, sing-alongs and watching the gorgeous morning sunrise over the mountains.

2. Go horse riding through the mountains in Manali 
Feels like a scene from a movie. The most amazing landscapes accompany you; a great time to relax and reflect on how lucky you are to be in India!

1. Volunteer 
By far the most rewarding experience of all is volunteering in India. You will fall in love with the beautiful and hospitable people and will leave with a great sense of having a second home in India.

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