Saturday, 13 February 2016

Top Five Things That I Got Out of My Antipodeans Abroad Experience

PROJECT: Nursing Placement
WRITTEN BY: Tayla Peck

Top five new skills and abilities gained from an Antipodeans Abroad experience!

1. Being able to travel and practice nursing in another country 
I love that I was able to combine my interest for nursing and travel together to enhance my clinical skills and to push myself outside my usual comfort levels. I was able to practice the way that I do in Australia and teach some of the Nepalese nurses Australian healthcare practices. To be able to travel and work in a hospital at the same time is a great opportunity for someone like myself.

2. Meeting new people 
I have met a group of new people from all over Australia who I have formed great friendships with. These friendships have clicked from the start and we have shared many exciting memories and experiences together. I have already organised catch ups with some of these girls and we hope to road trip together to all catch up.

3. Challenged myself immensely 
From travelling by myself and meeting new people to paragliding with new friends, I have definitely pushed myself and challenged myself throughout this amazing experience. Working in a new hospital can be scary enough let alone in a different country. These challenges that I faced during my time in Nepal has opened up new travelling opportunities for myself that I never thought I could do. Living with a new family can also be challenging but the Tibetan community are very friendly and welcoming.

4. Living with My Host Family
What an experience this was! I loved living with my host family. We bonded very quickly and before I knew it, I felt apart of the family and very comfortable within their home. I found myself looking forward to coming home to my host family and telling them about my day. I was able to experience life living in Nepal and the struggles this family faced everyday. From not having electricity at night sometimes and having to resort to cooking dinner outside over a fire was incredible to witness and experience. I enjoyed cooking dinner with my family and learning how to make the local food that I will be able to cook when I get home. My favourite meal is buff mo mo's and chocolate and banana mo mo's for dessert. Showering was also challenging at times as the water was cold without electricity. My host mum would heat up water over the fire and I would have a bucket shower. I realise how simple and easy life in Australia is and how much we take things like electricity and showering for granted everyday. I will never forget the incredible expereince of living with my host family.

5. Life in Pokhara for Four Weeks 
I was able to live in Tashiling, Pokhara for four weeks. I was immersed in the culture and life in Nepal, learning how to cook local food and speak the local language. I was able to pick up simple greetings like hello, goodbye, welcome, thank you. As my time in Pokhara progressed I was able to further develop my language skills. It was surreal being surrounded by such perfect scenery. Our settlement in which we were staying was in front of the World Peace Stupa and mountains. On clear sunny days, we could see Fishtail and some of the Himalayas. It was breathtaking. I felt very privileged being able to wake up to these views every morning. As I was becoming what felt like a local I became great at bargaining down shopping and taxi rides. Bartering and haggling is all a part of the experience and can be great fun too. Especially if you get a bargain!

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