Friday, 18 March 2016

India, I'm in love

PROJECT: Teaching
WRITTEN BY: Nancy Bucher

As my time volunteering in a teaching placement in India is quickly approaching its end, I have been reflecting on my experience and what I have learnt over the past 4 weeks. I now know that some of the most friendly and happy people I've met have been Indians. No matter the circumstance, happiness shines through. Many are keen to chat and meet a foreigner with a curious grin.

I have a new found appreciation and thankfulness for everything that I have because I have seen that so many people are not as fortunate. Despite that, some of the happiest people we met had so little, which makes me believe that it's not what you have that makes you happy, but what you make out of a situation and your own positive attitude.

I have come to understand that it is the dedicated, continual and sustained hard work of the volunteers in the schools and boys home which results in the students gradual progress of their education. It doesn't happen overnight, unfortunately. I wonder constantly what will happen when I leave and the new volunteers don't arrive for another month. Have I actually made a difference and what will my kids remember? I can only hope that my short time here has given them a small boost in their learning which will be continued by the next didis.

I have seen Pankaj's saying in action- anything is possible in India, and it seems that almost everything does happen. From the boys home to the streets and markets, life here is a crazy, indescribable experience.

I now more than ever know that to travel and see the world is such a rewarding, inspirational and eye opening experience. I've definitely caught the travel bug being surrounded by all the other travel loving and orientated volunteers.

India, its been real! I have loved every moment. I have taught, played, become a mentor, travelled, met amazing people, turned 21, celebrated 2 national days and had the most surreal time. Now it's time to go home and bring on the next adventures!

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