Thursday, 24 April 2008

African Adventures (2008 Year Out Volunteer)

Written by Rosie Whitfield in Ghana

Finally I have arrived at my destination after a very long 22 hours on a plane. We arrived to the giant words of AKWAABA- welcome, which was wonderful and lots of humidity.

Africa so far has been the most incredible place that I've ever been to, the people are so unbelievably friendly. The first day we were here we went for a walk and meet a local, Richard who took us on like a 50 min tour of the city just because he was nice. The first night our guide was supposed to come back to help us to get dinner but he just never showed up so we’ve now learnt a phrase called "Africa time" which is know to be quite realistic with buses and trains and just people in general, when they say
there coming at like 11.00 they wont be there till at least 12.00 ha-ha

The next day we meet Tina our in-country agent who is said to be like our Ghanaian mother who ran us through some cultural do's and don’ts and then we went to a personalized coffin shop were there were coke can shaped coffins ,chickens and furry lion coffins aaahh. Then we went to the beach and it was my first time swimming in the Atlantic ocean it was surprisingly warm but lots of fun. That night we all crashed out totally exhausted.

The next day we went for a tour around Accra and ventured into the markets, which was so intense, but so fun. There were fried rats and stuff for sale and my face started to hurt from too much smiling as everyone was so happy to see us and wanted to shake our hands and touch us. also had my first experience of Ghanaian clubs last night -seriously so much fun dancing the night away and everyone dances here which is so great.

There is a big group of us all staying at the pink hostel Germans, Swedes and Americans, there are lots of other volunteers here which is a lot of fun. Last night I woke up at about 4am to pouring rain, thunder, lightning and a howling wind it was crazy!

Then today we had language lessons such as majo (completely wrong spelling), which means good evening and then we strangely enough went to a French cafe yet the only thing that turned out to be French was the menu ha-ha! We then had Ghanaian drumming lessons which I struggled a little with but then I was a total pro hahaha! Then it was on to dance lessons, which were so fun, but I seriously think I would have sweated out like half my own body weight dancing. We then performed with Eddie the drummer in front of our little audience.

So, so far I have been having the time of my life with amazing people who have made me feel so safe and comfortable, its so amazing how safe I feel in AFRICA. I absolutely love every moment here its so much more than I ever could have imagined!

I'm sending all my love to every one of you hoping your all wonderfully well cant wait to email you again with more of my African adventures.

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