Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Settling into India

Written by Hayley Forbes – India 2008 GapBreak Volunteer

Photo Image by Madeleine White - India 2008 GapBreak Volunteer

We are having a great time and just today we are going to Jodpur and going on the desert trip, we are doing it with new group of volunteers that just arrived, then we are spending the weekend in Jaipur, with the other volunteers who have been here for 4 weeks already,so I'm pretty excited for a week away.

The accommodation is great, pretty close to the schools and the city centre. Bedla's a nice area. The food is fantastic, the rooms are comfy.

The ICA's are great we hang out with them heaps when they have spare time, Neeraj, Ritu, Gourav and Himanshu are so fantastic. They are really helpful, Himanshu basically helped us organise this whole week, he booked accomodation trains etc. The orientation was great, very comprehensive and useful.

The school we are at is great, the Aussie are at the really big school, and we are really enjoying it. i love my class, they are quite spirited and very cheeky and come out with some pretty funny stuff. It's great to see them get involved in the activities we plan for them.

Having the other volunteers here from Britain is great fun, we are living with some pretty cool people at the moment and we are just about to meet the 5 new volunteers in Jodpur.

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