Monday, 11 August 2008

Tanzania update

Written by Ryan Wallace - Tanzania 2008 Detours Volunteer

Climbed to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in the first week. It was so good. The view from the top is amazing. The glazier is awesome. Our whole group made the summit. The guides are amazing. the porters are just insane.

They carried my pack up the mountain on their heads. Each of them have about 25 kilos on their heads smoking cigarettes listening to their radios while casually walking up the mountain. I am enjoying my placement. It has seemed to go quick though. I am there for two more weeks then in the last week I am doing a safari with maasai wanderings. I'm looking forward to the safari. Lango and his wife are so nice. His wife is about to give birth and she is still washing, cooking and cleaning. I feel bad cos she does everything for me but she insists on doing it. She is literally days from birth. Branco and janeth are so cute. Janeth is a real character. If i pick her up then put her down she pretends to cry until i pick her up again. Then she bursts out laughing. the nursery kids are so cute. Its taken me 4 weeks to learn about 15 names. I think I pretty much have the swahili and maasai greetings under control. There are so many different greetings for different occasions. I have taken like 1000 photos and no doubt will be taking 1000 more on safari. my mum told me to buy a decent camera and im so glad i did. If you have facebook you can view some of my photos on my page. I bought a vodacom simcard so i can msg my girlfriend and family. I just have to turn my phone off in the village to save battery. So glad i got the phone working. Anyway having a great time. Home in like 3 weeks. Speak soon.

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