Thursday, 11 September 2008

Demolition work in Peru

Image c/o Jessica Clay
Written by Rebekah Thackray - Peru 2008 GapBreak Volunteer

“Well today has been a very good and productive day. We demolished most of the roof of the toilet block removing the tiles and the concrete leaving only the bamboo in place. It was a little back-breaking but alot of fun! We marvelled at how in Australia we would be breaking a few OHS rules. We worked with the builder, who is the loveliest man might I add. He has given us an excellent price for his services, Guille was telling us that most builders would charge us double or triple what he is charging us. He also has a son that attends the school.

Tomorrow we are going to demolish the concrete dividers between each toilet so that should prove to be interesting. Yesterday we had fun painting the school, we are mainly painting over areas that need to be redone because large portions have peeled off. It was quite funny because we realised that it was oil based paint only after we had it on our hands so some of us are a little blue =) it should come off in a few days hopefully hehehe. I think the morale of all of the volunteers has lifted quite a bit being able to get stuck into construction, things work very differently here, alot slower but that is the Peruvian way.

Teaching is still a fun challenge. We sure have to use our imaginations to teach the kids in colourful ways, they really are a joy to teach, I love it how when they want or need our attention for something they say ´amiga´, it is quite sweet. I am really touched by the teachers at Ccotohouincho and their dedication to the children. It seems to me that they sacrifice alot to teach the children and they really care for their well-being and futures. They have rally embraced us and are really grateful for anything that we do even if it isn´t much, it is quite humbling.

We have alot of fun with our family. Our little sisters Diana and Helen are a constant source of laughter, Helen especially. She is often content to be in her own little world just chatting away to herself, she has the cutest smile which is hard to resist even when she is being naughty. Our grandma who we call mama Estella is funny. She is a very strong, independent woman who is often telling Ella and I how skinny we are and that we need to eat more however we eat quite enough!! We are very spoilt with our Mum Jenny´s cooking, they eat alot of rice and potato here with chicken or spinach spaghetti and many other yummy things! Mealtimes are fun, Mama Estella, Jenny and our dad Juan Carlos like to laugh at us.

I really do love Peru, i think it is very difficult not to. The people are just so warm and they want to share everything with you. They also like to laugh at us foreigners and tease us. They are also very hard working people.”

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