Monday, 15 December 2008

First Impressions of Ghana

It's been awesome over here but we're still in Accra. Staying with us in
Accra are a large group European volunteers which was a pleasant surprise
but we, as a group of 9, get on well. We have had a full week of
orientation and we head off to Swedru tomorrow.

At this stage its still only first impressions of the country itself but so
far it has been amazing. Even just in the city i feel like there is a
tremendous level of unity amongst people, the extent to which you would
never see in Australia ever. Everybody walks around in Ghanaian emblazend
clothes or cars or just about anything you can think of. Its pretty neat.

Culturally its unlike anything I've ever experienced. They have a rich
culture that differs not only from group to group but from person to
person and each person seems willing to give a little bit of themselves to
every volunteer, which is a pleasant change from the relatively hostile
nature of Australian people.

Anyway, will probably have more to tell next week.

Written by Andrew Frawley, UniBreak Ghana 2008

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