Monday, 15 February 2016

The Challenges (And Lessons) From Living In Nepal

PROJECT: Nursing Placement
WRITTEN BY: Tayla Peck

Living in Nepal for the last four weeks has really highlighted the everyday struggles faced. From gas shortages to no electricity, I am amazed at how happy and friendly the Nepali people are. 

Walking down the street, I find myself constantly smiling as I am greeted by many strangers. Everybody says hello or namaste! There is a unique and different feeling in Nepal that I have never experienced in any other country that I have been to.

The Nepali people face many hardships everyday, yet are the most beautiful people. Gas and petrol shortages mean that prices are very expensive and  that these resources are hard to access. When driving to and from the hospital, I see people lining up in the street for kilometres. I have also noticed that each day is a different category of vehicle.

For example, one day it may be car and the next day it may be motorbike or truck and bus day. I have also seen people line up to purchase gas for kilometers on end. My taxi driver informed me that people may line up for hours and still not reach the front of the line and not receive the gas or petrol that they need. For a country facing so many hardships, the people of Nepal continue to put a smile on my face and make me fall inlove with this country even more!

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