Monday, 15 February 2016

Top Five Things I Got Out of My Antipodeans Abroad Unibreak in Cambodia

PROJECT: Teaching
WRITTEN BY: Tianna Killoran

As we start to pack our bags and fly back home today (here's to hoping it all fits!), I've been doing some thinking about the amazing opportunity I have had on this trip and all the wonderful things I have gained from it. Here's my top five.

1. A New Perspective on Life
I have gained a whole new perspective on the way I see myself, schooling and our place in the world. It was just an inspiring and humbling experience to see everything in Cambodia, including the history of where they have come from and that they have such incredible resilience and have really progressed so far.

2. A Better Understanding of Responsible Tourism
A new understanding of my impact as a tourist and what responsible tourism really means. I am incredibly grateful for the ConCERT responsible tourism training course that we completed! I think that for me as well, the idea of volunteering and immersing yourself in the community really gives you an in-depth view into the country and its people, rather than just being a tourist which could sometimes give you a superficial view of the place.

3. Becoming a More Flexible Teacher
I have discovered a new level of flexibility in teaching and really teaching for the students that you have. I thought I was a flexible teacher, but many times I had an idea in my head of how the lesson was going to look and sound like and due to the language and cultural barriers, sometimes it was way different! But that's not a bad thing, I just had to frequently remind myself that I was here to learn.

4. More Appreciation for How Lucky Australians Are
A greater concept of the amazing opportunities we have in Australia and how lucky we are. But also on the other hand, a stronger understanding of the importance for education for all children, all over the world, despite the different barriers that may be in place.

5. New Friends!
A whole new group of friends, both in our UniBreak group and in Cambodia! The people here are the loveliest, happiest, and kindest people you will ever meet.

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